Everyone knows the premise of the 1980 classic Pac-Man. But in the arcade business, a slightly different game is played. Play as the machine, outsmart your players to get as much money out of them as possible!

Keep the players frustration down using the tools available, and rack up the coins!

The joystick can be plugged in to different ghosts to control them. If they are able to move in the direction you want at an intersection, they will take that route. If not, they will randomly choose where to go.

Removing a power pellet will increase the players frustration, giving them a power pellet will lower it. Use the 4 pellet switches to control the power pellets.

Give the player a cherry if they get really mad! You will just have to chase them into it, so play smart and don't give the player too hard of a time!

Now go earn some coins!

Made for GDL's April Metal Monstrosity Jam

Dustin Sims - @Pumph0use on Twitter

Thor Brigsted - ThorBrigsted.com

Authorssiccity, Pumph0use
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button


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